installations > rain machine #6

rain machine #6
december 15th 2023 - june 15th 2024
"hearsay " collective exhibtion
@ center for digital art, holon

team :
lee nevo, leila rose bari, dani meir, eili levy, tal shalem, jonathan geron

thanks :
alili brown, jonathan omer mizrahi

concerts in the rain machine :
- michal goldstein trio : dec 15th 23
- maxim turbo, roni hajaj : jan 10th 24
- ceums (cadaver eyes) : feb 22nd 24
- Yifeat Ziv, shop & joy : mar 20th 24

this installation is part of a series exploring the soothing effects of surround white noise under different forms : dripping water (rain), fans, electric hum.
these works combine a physical shelter with a « sound bubble ». the experience for the visitor is one of deep relief and calm, white noise behaving as a shield protecting from the outside world.
this research started as workshops in psychiatric hospitals in france, trying to figure out sound alternatives to medication. it is based on the work of psychiatric nurse and noise musician vivian grezzini, and later developed with brutpop art collective and antoine capet.